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Welcome to our page! It's been a long time in the making; nearly 30 years, really. This project is about two best friends coming together trying to make sense of it all, trying to be their best selves and figuring out that the only way to make that happen is by helping others who are trying to do the same. By its very nature, the world will have us forget the Truth of who we are. It will pull us down and it will pull us out; away from health, away from happiness and away from our highest, best self. We are proud to offer a wide spectrum of tools, practices and gifts to take you along with us on the return journey onward and upward.

We look forward to offering our services singly and as the creative, dynamic, community-building duo that we are through the work of Y.O.U. Our offerings will include online/in-person classes, private yoga, individual yoga therapy and spiritual direction sessions, empowering workshops, study groups, continuing education for yoga teachers/therapists, virtual curriculum components for yoga teacher trainings and domestic/international yoga retreats. 

This website includes our bios, in-person and online offerings.


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Much love, Crystal & Shelley

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